ejaculatio praecox

Ejaculatio Praecox

Premature ejaculation (Ejaculatio Praecox) is one of the most common sexual disorder among men.

It is estimated that this problem affects up to 30% of all (!!!) men under 60 years of age all over the world!

Premature ejaculation not only makes it impossible to achieve the full satisfaction during a sexual intercourse, but also destructively influences the psyche of a man – which can be even worse.

The huge stress associated with this disorder, which applies also to a partner, can cause serious conflicts including the collapse of the relationship.

Despite the seriousness of this problem, this topic still remains taboo.
The men who suffer from Ejaculatio praecox rarely look for help from an urologist doctor.

Scientific studies proved that the performance of specialized exercises focused on the so-called erectile muscles are the easiest and the most effective way to treat the Ejaculatio praecox.

And here comes the help from PROJECT ANDROS Ejaculatio praecox.

PROJECT ANDROS Ejaculatio praecox is a unique training program supported by the medical knowledge and performed entirely on a specialized and professionally designed world-class equipment. The program has positive effects on your health in general and it strengthens the muscles that have significant role during a sexual act (so called erectile muscles / potency muscles).

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